Weighing Equipments and accessories in Packing And Logistics Industry

Batching scale controller

RS485+4INPUT and 4 output

Watch dog circuit

10 formulations 

Silo Scale Controller

Output: RS485+2relay

Programable printing

Free PC calibration software

Bluetooth Express Roller conveyor scale

Cap.: 60kg,150kg,300kg ,500kg

Size: 600*600mm

Scanner Roller conveyor scale

Cap.: 60kg,150kg,300kg ,500kg

Size: 600*600mm

Model No.: IN-PT011 Wireless

Dynamic portable truck scale

Cap.: 10t,20t,40t

Model No.: IN-100-1 Wireless

Static portable truck scale

Cap.: 2t,4t,8t

Model No.: Roller Conveyor Scale with printer

Cap.:60kg to 750kg

Model No.: Slope roller conveyor scale

Cap.: 100kg~1,000kg

Model No.: IN-RC3 Canister load cell

Output: 2mv/v, Cap.: 25t,30t,40t,50t

Interchangeable with Ricelake RC3 load cell

Model No.: IN-C16 Canister load cell

Output: 2mv/v Cap.: 25t,30t,40t,50t

Interchangeable with HBM C16 load cell

Model No.: IN-PW10A Single Point Load Cell

Cap.: 50-300kg

Application: Check Weigher, Seafood sorting Scale,

and other automatic Weighing and packing line

Model No.: IN- PC6 load cell

Cap.: 50kg 100kg 

Application: Check Weigher, Seafood sorting Scale

Static Solution And Printers in Packing Industry


60KV Static Charging generator

1 used in Packing industry: like bag making machine, and also wood pressing machiine

2 Guarantee time: 1 year

3 Protection circuit for long life


Human body Electrostatic elimination with alarm

1) ultra low power design,   no need to replace the battery
2) touch induction, no mechanical moving parts
3) special epoxy resin sealing, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dampproof
4) explosion-proof touch the ball, to secure the release of electrostatic, 
 human contact does not produce electric shock
5) acousto-optic alarm body and explosion-proof touch ball contact 
reliabilityand ESD.
6) grounding wire independent detection, grounding resistance conforms 
 to the standard,  to ensure reliable grounding


Environmental protection

1 TIJ Printer used in Automatic Packing line
2 60m-200m/s, Character size 0.5" and 1"
3 HP and IUT Thermal Inkjet Printer head


Automatic Tube heading machine Suitable for plastic and aluminum tube

Mainly include two Models: No. JX55,JX30 and JX55
Production speed: Max. 60pcs/Min.
Tube size: Diameter 32-55mm, length : 80-220mm
Working mode: Continuous intermittent operation 8-station, forming two tubes per molding.
Feeding mode: by tube feeding machine to feed

Save your Cost By Automatic Solutions in processing

Service and Quality


1 can provide samples and patterns according to installation dimension

2 respond to clients requirements within two days

3 Provide Most economic Solution according to application

On sale

1 strict quality control in mateiral, production process, and 100% test

2 ensure delivery within the agreed time


1 contact customers regularly and solve problems for them

2 professional team to provide consulting

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