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What is operating principle of load cell?

What is operating principle of load cell?

Update Time:2018-03-23

The material is fed into the weighing hopper by the feed equipment(such as vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc.) in batches according to the set value. The weighing hopper is supported by three load cellsIN-BBSIN-WBIN-WBL33Share Beam Load Cell located on the support frame. When the material is fed into the hopper, the weight valueis passed to the China innovation load cell, with stable creep,wide range of linearity and low-repeatability-error,the load cell produces an accurate electrical signal that proportional to the weight and then input in the secondary instrument, after the instrument processes the value of the operation, and compare each weighing and calibration results to calculate the error and accuracy.If the system failure happens in operation,the host computer derive the treatment in Chinese form for the operator in time through analyzing the failure. Everytime weighing, through the PLC Output signal, the transport equipment will be sent away by the electric putter automatically open the material discharge.

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