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What is Elevator Weight limiter ?

What is Elevator Weight limiter ?

Update Time:2017-12-06

Elevator Weight limiter should work together with elevator load cells. Can administrate the actual weight of the elevator, when the weight is over, it will alarm and cut down the power, to keep the stable operation of the elevator.

weighing controller

This weighing limiter can be used with elevator load cell, lifting load cell, crane load cell, engineering vehicle load cell,and Industrial automation weighing inspection load cell, and is easy to install. Its main features are can be equipped with different power input and different alarm relay output, the monitor record and black box function

If your application need a faster alarm react, please consider this serial product, they can send out the alarm sign rapidly and cut in protection in time in a speed of 10Hz/40Hz/500Hz/1000Hz

If your application need the record and searchof alarm weight, please consider elevator weight limiter,the standard products can record the alarm weight, and a higher version havethe black box function with a time calendar.

If your application environment is harsh,please consider this elevator weight limiter, the alternating and direct relayalarm output is faster and more reliable than electromagnetic relay alarmoutput, and its lifespan is more longer too

As for the transfer RS232/RS485 Modbus  Protocol digital signal output,4-20mA/0-5V/0-10V/±5V/±10VCurrent loop and voltage loop output and the external screen output, you arewarmly welcome to consult our industrial control indicator and other serialproducts. 

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