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why I choose your load cell for combination weighed?

why I choose your load cell for combination weighed?

Update Time:2018-03-12

A combination weigher comprises a collecting conveyor which conveysobjects and discharges the objects; a plurality of weighing conveyorsconfigured to convey the objects fed thereto and discharge the objects, to feedthe objects to the collecting conveyor apparatus; a plurality of weight sensorsfor measuring weights of the objects held on the weighing conveyors; and acontrol section. It's suitable to use in packing the pellets,bar,brain shapematerials,such as puffed food,candy,small biscuit,Vegetable slice,nut,friedmate rial,pet food,small harware etc.

Our IN-ISP4M-3KG is high precision especially designed for combination weigher replaced HBM ISP4M 3KG successfully with feasible design high effective , ingenious and maintenance convenient, can add on accessories according with the customer demands.Accuracy and weighing advanced soft and hard wares, originative and leading.Using convenient advanced pre-setting parameters make the production line changing products very convenient.Data management advance make the product quality management better.

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