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Digital sensor and its characteristics

Digital sensor and its characteristics

Update Time:2018-03-08

Digital load cell system is a new type of electronic weighing technology developed on the basis of traditional resistance strain sensor combined with modern microelectronics technology and microcomputer technology integration. It is composed of analog sensors (resistance strain type) and digital conversion module  two parts. Digital modules aremade from highly integrated electronic circuits fabricated using SMT surfacemount technology. They include amplifiers, A / D converters, CPUs, memory,interface circuits (RS485) and digital temperature sensors etc. It has the following features:

1,the digital sensor uses integrated A / D converter circuit, digital signal transmission and digital filtering technology, the sensor signal transmission distance is far, up to 1200m, anti-interference ability is good. The transmission distance of analog signals within the digital sensor is very short, while the sensor housing (elastomer) itself is a good shield, these two features alone determine the advantages of its anti-jamming capability, greatly improving the stability of the sensor.

2, good confidentiality, anti-cheating function, can effectively prevent remote control cheating.once found, it will automatically take the error alarm, effectively protect the data security and accuracy. The analog sensor truck scale installed cheat is common, because cheaters’size is small and the installation is extremely simple Therefore it is not easy to be found that caused a great riskof the safety of  measurement data. The digital transformation of the weighing instrument can make the safety of the measurement data well protected, so as to better safeguard the economic interests of the company.

3,As the digital sensor with automatic acquisition pretreatment, storage and memory functions, and has a unique mark, more than one sensor in parallel group scale can check the status of each sensor to make diagnosis fault easy. When using the analog sensor, once the device working status is unstable, it is difficult to determine which sensor has a problem, only by opening the junctionbox to check the signal of each sensor, use exclusion to check one by one. To find there The problem sensor needs to spend a lot of time, a lot of manpower,material and financial resources. It fully proved the superiority of the digital sensor and its important role in the actual production.

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