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What is the application of industry counting scale

What is the application of industry counting scale

Update Time:2018-11-16

    The application of  industry counting scale in precision component industry electronic counting scale is a perfect embodiment of counting/weight check in enterprise measurement.It USES a high-precision strain weighing sensor, coordinates with IN420 counting indicator optimization program design, has high weighing accuracy (degree = 100,000), small repeatability error, and quick and accurate display data.Using comprehensive functions: LED have adapted to all kinds of weighing, keyboard voice prompt, weight, counting, accurate sampling and single memory (10), accumulated the quantity/weight, weight/quantity alarm, alarm state selection, weight display unit selected kg (kg/LBS lb), AC AC/DC DC power supply, equipped with RS232/ RS485 serial data output (can connect the computer and printer) serial port.

     Application of counting electronic scales in precision components industry:

The raw material warehouse of an auto parts manufacturing company has long been manually counting the number of components, among which the vibration damping spring (2.3g) with a light weight is time-consuming and laborious, which cannot meet the enterprise's measurement requirements.THE industry counting sale (can be 10kg 0.1g, 60kg/1g, 100kg/1g) counting balance was adopted to improve the counting accuracy and working efficiency.

     The operation method is as follows:

count scale is preheated for 10 minutes after starting up (in order to make the electronic components of the electronic balance circuit system of [industrial electrical network-cnelc] circuit system reach the thermal stability state),

2 single resampling: manually count 100 single weight same components (the more the better, note: must not count wrong!!!!!!), and then put the number of components in the center of the said plate, using digital key input number values (e.g., 100), and then press a single set, then counting scale single window display this batch components of a single value, the display of the single weight value is very important, because it is the average of 100 component, this is after the precise number of a benchmark.

3. Single weight storage: press the single weight setting button for about 2 seconds and enter 0-9 arbitrary number keys. At this time, the single weight has been stored in the electronic scale (no data will be lost due to normal shutdown).That way you can count and weigh.

4. Single reset: it can be called at any time when the machine is rebooted (press the corresponding number key, then double click the single reset key to adjust the stored single weight data), and it can be counted and weighed at any time.

5. Normal counting: take out some unknown number of similar components to prevent them from being placed on the scale plate at will. The electronic scale rapidly displays the calculation results, and then manually verifies the accuracy of the results


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