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What is the application of static charging generator?

What is the application of static charging generator?

Update Time:2018-11-16

     The static electricity generator has over-current and short-circuit protection functions. The discharge to the ground is “not ignited”, and the ground or the workpiece is too close. The worker accidentally touches the automatic shutdown system and has a high safety factor.

     Electrostatic generators mainly generate static electricity. The output is usually single polarity. For positive or negative polarity, the output voltage can be adjusted. It is usually used in scientific research, electrostatic applications such as electrostatic dust removal, electrostatic spraying, and electrostatic field generation for biological effects research. And other places where static electricity is to be applied. 


(In mold labelling(IML)Automatic film changeCast seamElectrostatic pile paperElectrostatic recombinationEdge banding of heat shrinkable packaging machinetake-up and exhaust of bag-making machinestatic insert cardstatic cooling of Rotary pressstatic ink of gravure pressstatic laid paper of overlaying production linestatic film (paper) pasting  for shearing machinestatic adsorption location of glass sheet

  The electrostatic discharge generator is mainly applied to the anti-human metal model electrostatic discharge test of system-level electronic equipment such as mobile phones and computers. Includes an electrostatic generator and an electrostatic discharge gun. The output of the electrostatic generator in the ESD generator is positive and negative, and some are positive and negative, and their voltage bipolar high-precision output is continuously adjustable. It is also suitable for more application areas and requirements for new standards in the future. Therefore, the electrostatic discharge generator can be used for electrostatic discharge testing of most electrical and electronic equipment.

In mold labelling(IML):

Electrostatic adsorption:

  The static electricity generated by the electrostatic generator is applied to the object to be adsorbed, and the object is immediately electrostatically charged and adsorbed on the object, so that the original unevenness, such as non-woven fabric, paper, etc. It is flatly adsorbed on metal plates, wood boards, etc. for the next step. This method is widely used in steel production, wood production and mold industry.

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