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Internet of things and weighing sensors

Internet of things and weighing sensors

Issue Time:2018-03-06

The sensor network is the most basic and the lowest part of the Internet of Things, and its application will be the biggest difference between the Internet of Things and the Internet. The Internet is a human-based network, and our information is, in a sense, collected and analyzed by people. In the Internet of things area, the sensor itself can complete the entire process.

Of course, the data collected by the sensors is basic and simple, but once these data are applied, the resulting effect is enormous. This is the big data we are talking about right now. The application of big data is to develop and use a variety of related data, and the basis of these data, one is the rich resources of the Internet era, and these cond is the era when the coming of the Internet of things in the future, the data generated by the network equipment , Compared with the current Internet is not an order of magnitude. At present, the big data of the Internet is still not well utilized. It is still a long way to explore the Internet of Thing sera.

The basis for all of this data generation is the foundation of the Internet of Things: Ubiquitous sensors. These sensors will not only be in your home, but may be used more in public places and in municipal facilities. Such as vending machines, bus stop, traffic lights and soon.

Load cell is a kind of sensor, which plays a very important role in the Internet of Things. Load cell can be used for vending machines (load cell can be based on changes in weight, accurate measurement of the actual receipt of the number), automatic delivery courier(increase the load cell automatic courier cabinet, can be more accurate measurement of objects sent Weight, in order to accurately calculate the freight), logistics vehicles (logistics vehicles add on-board load cell /gravity sensor, can monitor the vehicle load weight at any time to avoid overloading), Alibaba's rookie network also widely used load cell to measure the goods In and out of weight. Load cells are widely used in a variety of logistics industry, as well as automatic weighing packaging, automatic sorting industry.

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