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Application of weighing sensor in weight scale

Application of weighing sensor in weight scale

Issue Time:2018-03-12

Motion checkweigher, also called dynamiccheckweigher, auto-checkweighers, weight sorting scale, automatic weighing machine,is a dynamic weighing system in high-speed production line.It can realize highprecision detection and automatic elimination of products whose weight is toolight or too heavy and does not meet the production requirements, which iswidely used in high precision weighing machine for food and medicine.

This testing device not only guarantees theaccuracy of product weight, but also reduces the production waste caused by theweight exceeding the standard value, and reduces the input of human resourcesto enterprises, which greatly saves labor costs for enterprises. Now, theapplication scope of dynamic weighbridge scale is increasing, and the amount ofconsumption has increased. Food manufacturing, daily chemical manufacturing,pharmaceutical production and other industries have been inseparable fromdynamic weighing scales.

Load cell is anindispensable core component in motioncheckweigher.

The high speed development of the weighingscale is requiring a better motion quality for load cell.Besides the accuracy of load cell, themechanical vibration, the internal sloshing of the products, the length and theenvironmental factors of the weighing machine will affect the accuracy of the checkweigher.At the same time, in the same measurement environment, the shorter the weighingtime is, the worse the accuracy will be. Therefore, the desired dynamicaccuracy can not be achieved if the vibration of the machine itself, thevibration of the product and other factors of the product can not be overcome.

Our products IN-PW15AH singlepoint load cell is designed for checkweigher. Made by stainless steelmaterial, this load cell is waterproof and anti-corrosion, and protection levelhigh up to IN69K. Besides, it is changeable with HBM PW15AH load cell,capacity ranging from 10kg to 100kg, and with a optional accuracy of C3 and C6.

In China, one of our customer is using this load cell tomake the checkweigher for sea food. Using this load cell, nowthey developed a checkweigher with a motion accuracy of 300g/0.01g, and cancheck 3 times in 1 second.

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