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Roller Scale Use of Description

Roller Scale Use of Description

Issue Time:2018-10-23

Due to the type of electronic platform scale when conveying into items have obvious advantages, so that it can not only connect the production process, and can be directly involved in the production process, and thus in electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, building materials industry, and in all kinds of logistics delivery, especially in all kinds of machining, assembly, packaging, storage and other pipeline has been widely used.

Its features are rolling table, in the production line, with conveyor belt transfer function, can effectively transport the flow of goods pipeline, easy and fast.Scale stand can be customized according to the height of assembly line.Application description: electronic flow conveyor line is based on ordinary belt conveyor, with higher anti-static ability to electrostatic, dust, and better protection of the electronic instrument parts produced in the production process.The roller conveyor scale inspection platform is added on the basis of the roller conveyor scale, so that the staff can sample or inspect the products one by one when passing through the assembly line.

In modern logistics system, the figure of roller (roller), roller conveyor, net chain conveyor and plate chain conveyor can be seen everywhere, and its application scope covers all industries of national economy.It can be said that roller (roller), roller conveyor, plate chain conveyor, net chain conveyor is one of the important foundations of logistics system.In each different or the same stage of the logistics system, transport or transfer operations should be carried out by transport machinery, which is the link and bridge connecting all links of logistics.The application of transport machinery can accelerate the pace of logistics system automation, facilitate the integration and intelligentization of logistics system, promote the popularization of advanced production technology, and improve the overall economic benefits of logistics system.

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