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Weighing System for Loader -WS-LD011

Weighing System for Loader -WS-LD011

Weighing System for Loader -WS-LD011
CategoriesTruck Scale
CatagoriesTruck scale
Delivery time7-15 work days
Min. capacity200kg
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update Time2021-07-31
Detail Information

Weighing system for Loader

Model No.:WS-LD011

Android loader scale

System Characteristic:


The weighing system for loader is integration in an industrial intelligent weighing instrument,

both have the convenience of instrument, and have the high performance of industrial computer,

it can achieve the voice and video calls, reversing monitor, send and share weighing data functions


It can achieve data teletransmission with GMS card or Wifi Module.

Rela-time position, can replay the trace.

It can also extend to compatible with comprise ERP management system

High efficiency:

The Weighing system for loader have high efficiency, the goods name,

reilway wagon/freighter number can beedited randomly, input or import work target in advance.

the system can accumulate the target weighing automatically, alarm function and so on.


Weighing, record, save,long-distance transmissio, print, summarizing and so on, the series pipelline operate,

the data can be generated reportpie chart, bar chart and so on.

High security:

Easy operation, High accuracy, ensure safety measurement, integrated circuit, low failure rate, high reliability.

Function characteristics:

*Controlled y the microprocessor, highg intellectualized degree, small volume, and beautiful apperacne

*The weight data can be output though the serial port, USB connection, also can through GPRS

*wireless transmission(optional)

 Bilingual keyboard, can input Chinese/English character, at the same time, keys was equipped with sound and

light automatic reminders to prevent the disoperation.

*Apply Dynamic sampling and fuzzy algorithmic, dynamiccalibration and dynamic weighing can be achieved.

*Muti-mode dual-circuit detection, data accuracy, high precision weighing

*There is no need to stop, the automatic weighign during the lifting process, does not affect the loading efficiency,

can prevent overloading and under load

*the loading time, unit name, goods name, weight, license number and other data can be printed

*240*128mm large-screen display, can display the weight results, the results of weighing, system information, etc.

*Display and keyboard have a sourse of background light, are convenient for the night time operation

*function of overloading auto-alarm, rael-time reminders,to avoid overloading storage memory,

when the electronic scale is shut down, teh weighing data can be automatically saved.

*Metal instrument design, anti-jamming, it can cover a wide range of operating environment.

System structure;

* Oil Pressure Sensor

*Temperature sensor

*Position sensor

*Connecting components

*Weighing Instrument

Working video: https://youtu.be/KpdBWrqah-0 

Installation of the weighing system for loader:

Weighing System for Loader

Technical parameters of the system:

Working voltage 12+-20%VDC
working current100mA-500mA                                                            
working temperaturehigh temperature proof-1000°C
connection of sensorsUsed four cables, automatic compensation
Dispaly LCD display
Time Can show the current time and date
KeyboardUsed touch buttons,keys fluorescent settings, suit for night operations
Min. capacity200kg                                                          

Share Beam Load Cell

  • NCI Mark V Load Cell
  • Sensortronics 60048SS Load Cell
  • Weigh-Tronix Mark V Load Cell

Share Beam Load Cell

Share Beam Load Cell


25LB, 50LB, 100LB, 200LB, 400LB, 500LB, 1K LB

Rated Output

2.0 mV/V

Safe Overload


Excitation Voltage

10-20V AC/DC

Input Resistance

385 ± 10 OHMS

Output Resistance

350 ± 3 OHMS

Zero Balance


Seal Type

Environmentally sealed, potted IP67









Compensated Temperature Range:

-10 - +40

Temperature Effect on Zero


Temperature Effect on Output


Insulation Resistance


Load Cell Cable

4 Conductor, 10 FT

Load Cell Wiring

Green +EXC

Black –EXC

White +SIG


Braid/Yellow: Shield


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