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High Strength Conveyor Scale OIML C3 C5 With 2.4G Wireless Indicator

High Strength Conveyor Scale OIML C3 C5 With 2.4G Wireless Indicator

High Strength Conveyor Scale OIML C3 C5 With 2.4G Wireless Indicator
CategoriesRoller Conveyor Scale
Model2.4G Wireless roller conveyor
model2.4G Wireless roller conveyor
capacity300kg 500kg 600kg
precisionOIML C3 C5
indicatorKeli XK3118T1-F(WX) 2.4G Wireless indicator
input member sensitivity21.5uv/d
Update Time2021-09-19
Detail Information

300kg 500kg 600kg 2.4G Wireless roller conveyor scale Precision: OIML C3 C5

High precision

Capacity: 300kg 500kg 600kg

Precision: OIML C3 C5

Platform: 600*600CM

Indicator: Keli XK3118T1-F(WX) 2.4G Wireless indicator

T-F (WX wireless digital display instrument can receive and display the detected signal in the field of wireless digital form, which solves the problem of difficult location and inconvenient movement. Using high strength anti-interference single chip microprocessor, 24G wireless transmission and high precision delta sigma AD conversion technology, the wireless weighing system of static detection system, including T1-F (WX wireless electronic weighing instrument and T-WX1 wireless transmitter), needs to buy the above two products to use. T1-F (WX) series instrument power supply mode has transformer, built-in switch power supply is optional.

Features and this function:
the wireless communication distance of 50 meters with energy saving mode and automatic shutdown function; at the same time supporting the wired wireless connection junction box T-WX1-A to charge one power for a normal operation about 200 small;

the XK3118T1-FWX technical wood parameter :

  •  input member sensitivity: 21.5uv/d
  •   indexing value: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50
  •  sensor bridge voltage :Dc5V can be connected to 1~6 3509 electric positive strain sensor  sensor;
  •  signal input range :16mv-18mv
  •  sensor connection mode :adopts 6 wire type (long line automatic compensation,  complement distance less than 30 meters
  •  fraction value :1/25/10/20/50 optional modulation mode GFSK:
  •  working frequency: 2 4GHZ
  •  working channel :16
  •  transmission distance: 50 meters (open ground) meter
  •  main power source: T1-F1 (W: built-in transformer, marking AC220V, such as A C110v,  please explain the order.


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