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50kg 5g bag packing machine

50kg 5g bag packing machine

50kg 5g bag packing machine
Categoriesbag packing machine
display accuracy5g
filling accuracy50g or 0.1%
Terms of PaymentL/C, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update Time2021-10-20
Detail Information

Capacity : 50kg, display accuracy 5g  feeding accuray: 50g

Faster, more Accuracy and more Stable!

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 Power consumption

 Air pressure










The working principle of


Bag packaging machine is working, the batching controller under the control of automatic reset after the open feeding mechanism for feeding, material continuously into the weighing hopper, the sensor will be converted into corresponding electrical signals, the weight to the batching controller, batching controller on the front panel window shows the material weight value, and according to set the parameters of the output control signal, the various components in turn make feeding mechanism in order to fast, slow continuous two velocity to the weighing hopper feed, complete quantitative feeding. Clip on the packaging bag, metering hopper door open, material depends on its own weight, under the material by the discharging tube filling. At the end of filling, the discharging door is closed, the clamping mechanism opens, and the package is automatically unloaded. At the end of one working cycle, the controller automatically enters the next working cycle. The clamping switch beside the bag-holder can control the clamping action of the bag-holder mechanism, which is used for manual bag-bagging operation. Only when the bag-holder mechanism is in the clamping state, the controller will send the filling control signal.

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