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Automatic ration bag packing machine

Automatic ration bag packing machine

Automatic ration bag packing machine
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Update Time2021-10-25
Detail Information

Scope of application

Used for packing tons of materials in mineral, chemical building materials, grain and feed industries.


Detailed instructions



Ton bag packing machine is a large-scale weighing and packing equipment used for ton bag packing materials. It is a multi-functional packing machine integrating electronic weighing, automatic bag stripping and dust removal. Its high degree of automation, high packaging precision, packaging speed can be adjusted, superior structure, the unique hydraulic lifting system to deal with the ton bag packaging is particularly easy, very convenient for the processing of the following process.


Technical indicators

Weighing range0.5-2t/bag
Bagging ability10-40(bags/hr)
Packaging accuracy±0.2%F.S
Working power supply380V,50Hz,3kw
bleed pressure0.5-0.8Mpa
Gas consumption0.6m³/min


- Product features

◆ According to the characteristics of powder, particle and other materials and different requirements of the manufacturer, tailored; ◆ According to different materials (such as DC, winch dragon, vibration, belt), the equipment selects different grading feeding forms for feeding, with stable performance, high packaging precision and fast speed; ◆ Programmable electronic control system, control process highly reliable;


◆ Advanced dust control and dust removal design reduces dust pollution in the working environment;


◆ The weighing system is the electronic weighing platform weighing system, using the overall board digital adjustment and parameter setting, with the weight measurement display and automatic peeling, automatic zero correction, automatic drop correction and other functions, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability;


◆ The instrument is equipped with communication interface, which is convenient for online networking, and can carry out real-time monitoring and network management of the packaging machine;


◆ The unit includes pneumatic hook clamp system, air return mechanism, feed metering control mechanism, hydraulic lifting mechanism, electrical control and so on.

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