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Automatic filter material test bench

Automatic filter material test bench

Automatic filter material test bench
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Update Time2021-10-21
Detail Information

The automatic filter material test bench tests the filter material according to the international standard, can be suitable for testing the filter material efficiency of 0.1%-99.99% grade.


The design of the filter material automatic test bench is compact and light. During the running test, the filter paper is fixed on the fixture, and the test air volume corresponds to the required filter speed. The aerosol generated by the aerosol generator is adjusted, then neutralized by static electricity (PSL), and then mixed with the filtered test air evenly, and then into the test area through the filter material. It can be used in laboratories, factories and other places only by providing suitable power supply and compressed air (no water, no oil).

Reference standards:

GB/T 32610-2016 Technical specification for daily protective masks

GB 19083-2010 Technical requirements for medical protective masks

YY 0969-2013 Disposable medical masks

Product Features:

1. Filter efficiency test and airflow resistance can be calculated automatically


2. Two high-precision on-line dust particle counters were used to simultaneously detect the aerosol concentration of upstream and downstream samples, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the data


3. The whole machine adopts the technology of ART+ company from South Korea, and the fog in the fog system is fine without moisture, with stable concentration, and the stainless steel material is anticorrosive and durable


4. 10-inch color touch screen control, simple and intuitive operation


5. Support remote maintenance, system automatic calculation and display of test results, support printout and other functions


6. Imported air extraction fan, flow automatic adjustment


Product component:

1. Aerosol generator: Used for producing Nacl or DEHS standard particles, the main particle size range is ≥0.3um, accounting for more than 70% of the total. It can continuously and steadily produce aerosol, providing tested particles for the upstream of filter material


2. Particle counter: It is mainly used to monitor the concentration of upstream and downstream particles of the measured filter material and obtain the efficiency of the measured filter material


3. Pressure difference sensor: Mainly used to test the pressure difference (or resistance) of the filter material under a certain test flow rate.


4. Aluminum alloy fixture: mainly used for the pressure and sealing of the tested filter material


5. Imported fan: mainly used to provide filter material test flow, flow automatic control.


7. Electrostatic neutralization device: The charge in Nacl particles is removed to make particle counting and measurement more accurate

Product parameters:

Filter material comprehensive performance tester

Range of test efficiency


Test area


Test differential pressure range

0-1000Pa,accuracy 0.1%

Test flow rate of filter material under test

15-100L/min (adjustable)

Test aerosol types


Counter sampling flow

2.83L/min ±5%

Counter measuring channel

0.3um, 0.5um, 1.0um, 3.0um, 5.0um, 10.0um

Counter air pump

Japan Nitto air pump, service time up to 5 years

Data memory capacity

100,000 sets of measured data can be exported on U disk

Screen display

10 "color" touch screen

Way of print

Built-in thermal printer

The power supply

AC 220V/50Hz

Data export interface


operating environment

Temperature:0-40℃ ;          Relative humidity:10-70%

Standard accessories

Heat-sensitive printing paper, sodium chloride, paraffin oil, desiccant, etc

Overall dimensions

800x 600x 1450(mm)   (Lx Wx H


Shell iron sheet baking paint



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