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Melt Blown Fabric Static Charging System for Oiled P2 test

Melt Blown Fabric Static Charging System for Oiled P2 test

Melt Blown Fabric Static Charging System for Oiled P2 test
Melt Blown Fabric Static Charging System for Oiled P2 testMelt Blown Fabric Static Charging System for Oiled P2 testMelt Blown Fabric Static Charging System for Oiled P2 testMelt Blown Fabric Static Charging System for Oiled P2 testMelt Blown Fabric Static Charging System for Oiled P2 test
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Update Time2021-10-21
Detail Information

Brief introduction

VCM120 high-precision stabilized voltage power supply is a high-precision and high-integrated high-voltage power supply specially developed by our company for applications such as melt blown fabric static charging, electro spinning, etc

The power supply adopts resonance technology, which is safe and reliable with high efficiency. At the same time, 90% of the components of the whole machine adopts imported components to ensure high voltage power supplyAble to operate reliably 24 hours a day. The parameters of the machine are true and accurate, and there are essential differences with the virtual target products on the market.

Melt-blown fabric treated by electrostatic in extremely in the process of air filtration increase electrostatic adsorption, can rely on coulomb force directly attract charged particles and to capture it, or inducing neutral particles produce polarity to capture it again, can more effectively filter in the gas and particles, rely on electrostatic effect capture fine dust, therefore has advantages of high filtration efficiency, low filter resistance.


Electrical parameters

Input voltageV):  AC 220V+-/10%

Input currentA):  Max 2A

Output voltagekV): 0-120kV Continuous adjustable

Output currentmA):0-3mA Continuous adjustable

PolarityN/P        (negative/positive high voltage)

PowerW):     Max200W

Voltage regulation rate    <0.1%

Load regulation    <0.1%

Working temperature       -1050

Storage temperature       -4085Non-condensate

Specification and dimension


High voltage power supply size

Control panel Instruction

1Front panel

Functional explanation:


Power switch: It controls the opening and closing of the whole power supply. Please turn off the power switch when stopping or repairing the equipment.


High voltage switch: Controls the opening and closing of the high voltage output of the power supply.


Operation indicator: It shows the high-voltage output state of the power supply. When the high-voltage output is on, the indicator is off when it is off.


Voltage regulation: Control the output voltage of the power supply by turning clockwise to increase the voltage and anticlockwise to reduce the voltage.


Voltage display: display the voltage output value of the power supply in kilovolt (kV) in real time.


Current regulation: Control the output current of the power supply by turning clockwise to increase the current and counterclockwise to reduce the current.


Current display: Real-time display of the current output of the power supply in microampere (A).

2Back panel

Functional explanation:


High voltage output: The high voltage output port of the power supply. The high voltage line must be plugged into the bottom when wiring.


Ground port: the ground wire interface of the power supply. The ground wire must be connected well before the power is switched on and connected with the electret frame and the ground wire.


Cooling fan: The cooling port of the power supply.


AC/220V input: Power input port.


五,Precautions for equipment installation

The ion emitter (molybdenum wire) of electrostatic electret should be far away from the metal mounting bracket of the emitter, and the bracket should be made of insulating material. (The insulation effect of electret insulation ceramics provided by our company has been completed)


In order to add enough static electricity to the molten spray cloth, there must be a flat "metal supporting plate", "metal roller shaft" or "metal mesh plate" on the back of the material being added with static electricity. The metal plate is connected to the "earth", the working ground of the DC high voltage supply, so that the electrostatic discharge forms a "loop".



In order to make melting spray cloth can add enough static electricity and add static electricity will not leak soon (run away), the greater the insulation value of the material the better, the more dry the material and the air environment the better


The ion emitter (molybdenum wire) should not discharge on the bare metal supporting plate as far as possible, that is, the area of molten spraying cloth added with static electricity is equal to the area of the metal supporting plate. Such as added electrostatic melt-blown fabric due to the area size change, and the area of the ion emitter (molybdenum wire) or length can not be changed, and then on the metal plate of naked light put a piece of a thick insulation cover, or put on the light naked plate ion emitter (molybdenum wire) managed to cover, so conducive to focus on the need to add electrostatic charge material



Good operation performance, voltage and current determines the adsorption capacity of the melt spray cloth, stable and reliable high voltage output is the biggest advantage of VCM120S static charging power supply.


Too much and too little voltage and current will affect the quality of melting and spraying cloth. The power supply adopts resonance technology, overload protection technology, continuous adjustable voltage and current technology, etc., which is the choice of melting and spraying cloth and electrostatic equipment.




六,Precautions for equipment use:

the use of personnel should take the responsibility division of labor, set the power installation site safety distance, carefully check good grounding of power supply, molybdenum wire and ground metal bar the optimal distance (molybdenum wire and the higher the closer the distance from the current earthing metal rods, the lower the voltage, molybdenum wire and ground metal bar is lower, the farther the distance of the current the higher the voltage, power under no-load condition adjustment observation data, choose a maximum voltage current) with special care and safety observation electrostatic magnet power supply working condition.

(Note: in the actual use process, there may be the possibility that the data will drop after the production of several rolls of cloth under the optimal debugging condition. Generally, this situation is caused by excessive filaments in the production process of melting and spraying cloth. At this time, the power should be quickly turned off and the distance between molybdenum wire and grounding metal rod should be adjusted again.)




The main parts of the electrostatic stationing power supply should be cleaned in time (exhaust cooling holes on the back of the power supply, filaments attached to the grounding metal bar, and filaments hanging from the ion emitter -- molybdenum wire). In addition, the use space should be kept absolutely dry to avoid damaging the power supply and causing errors in the test value.


For the test of large equipment, the air lift test of the test transformer should be carried out first, that is, the boost to the test voltage is not achieved when melting spraying fabric.


When doing the withstand voltage test, the boost speed should not be too fast, and prevent sudden pressure, such as the voltage regulator is not in zero suddenly closing, can not suddenly power off, generally should be in the voltage regulator to zero when the brake

In the process of boost or withstand voltage test, if the following abnormal conditions are found, the voltage and ammeter data fluctuate greatly, and the insulation is found to be charred or smoking, the voltage shall be reduced immediately, the power supply shall be cut off, the test shall be stopped and the cause shall be identified.


When using this product for high pressure test, in addition to being familiar with this manual, the relevant national standards and operating procedures must be strictly followed.

Note: It is recommended to set a special person to monitor and record the data (the cycle is recorded every half an hour). If there is any fluctuation in the data of the produced molten spray cloth, the power data can be checked. If there is no fluctuation in the power data, the temperature and humidity of the molten spray equipment and the surrounding environment can be checked.




七,Other precautions and safety of electricity use

This power supply is high voltage, please operate carefully under the instruction of professionals.


Please make the following check before the power is turned on:


The power supply and the environment are clean and dry.


There is no uncorrelated article near the high voltage output interface or high voltage load.


Verify that the voltage and current adjusting knobs are in the minimum state.


Make sure the power is well grounded.


If you have any questions during the use, please contact our sales staff in time

Please send your message to us